My name is Norik Davtian, and I used to do freelance graphics, animation, and web design under this name. However, things got better and I started a web engineering company called Big Employee. This all started as a hobby and my desire to help businesses to find their competitive edge on the World Wide Web. Soon after building my first website, I realized how important of a role does a user interface of a website have in converting visitors to customers, where a user interface could define success or failure of a website. I immediately started experimenting different graphic software to create my own graphics for websites that I was building, which lead to exploration of the design field, 3D design, and animation. However, my main focus always remained creation of exceptional user experiences and delivering quality projects at all times. I started to specialize on user behavior and developing websites and web applications that mainly focused on users and their interactions. After many years of freelance work, I now have a team of professionals working with me. We deliver software for the Web. If you want to connect with me, I am @NorikDavtian on twitter, or email me at norik@parscat.com, or stop by our office in Los Angeles and let's have a cup of coffee and talk about your project.